Live In A Flat? Door Filter Is Something You'll Probably Want


Living in a flat has many advantages, from shared building maintenance to potentially having a view overlooking the town or city you're living in.

It comes at a cost, though. For while you're technically in separate parts of a building, you will inevitably end up sharing a few things with your neighbours.

One of those things is noise, the other... is smell.

Now there's nothing wrong with oily fish, it's good for you and if you hold your nose then apparently it actually doesn't taste too bad either. What it does do though is smell, really bad. So does trash, rotting things, sports kit, boiled spinnage and, let's face it, young children.

Something must be done. And now... it has been.

Door Filter claims to end your oily fish concerns by attaching to the bottom of your front door and blocking out all the unwanted smells you'd normally be sharing with your neighbours.

It's passive, so doesn't require any power and simply screws into the bottom of the door. It's a neat trick that could potentially make a world of difference if you're surrounded by people that exclusively buy either the world's strongest aftershave or insist on having kippers, every day.

Of course that's just one scenario, if you're a student in a shared house then this might just be the gadget that brings your sanity back.

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