15/01/2015 10:36 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever

We love a bit of baby news but this pregnancy announcement has to be the best thing we've ever seen.


Reddit user MeggoEggo shared this photo on Imgur with the caption, "A non-traditional baby announcement for a non-traditional family".

The photo of Meggo's wife sporting a white T-shirt with the words "I'm pregnant" cupping a barely-there baby bump and Meggo in a matching one that reads, "I'm not the father" is pure brilliance.

Check out the shocked face. Very funny and original - we like this a lot.

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"My wife has always wanted to and I didn't. So it was easy!" Meggo said.

The photo has received hundreds of comments on Reddit and Meggo has replied several times to all the positive comments saying, "My wife has dated men before me so she always assumed she'd have a baby biologically. I had no interest. So it just worked out that way."

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"We measured our hips and she won," she said when one Reddit user asked how the couple decided which of them would carry the baby.

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