‘Top Gear' Lego Trailer Sees Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May Turned Into Animated Bits Of Plastic (VIDEO)

'Top Gear' Gets A Lego Makeover

The brand new trailer for the forthcoming series of ‘Top Gear’ has arrived and, bizarrely, sees each of the presenters turned into animated pieces of Lego.

We’re not entirely sure why, but watching Richard Hammond get his feet stuck in spare bits of Lego, James May lose his Lego hair and The Stig, well, not appearing to be all there, is strangely compelling.

And of course, something would be amiss if there wasn’t a cheeky nod to Jeremy Clarkson’s more colourful language.

The two-minute clip has been produced to promote the return of the motoring show for its 22nd series on BBC 2, although a transmission date has yet to be confirmed.

Speaking about the trailer, a spokesperson for the show said: "In this behind-the-scenes clip, we can reveal exactly what goes on just before the boys appear on your televisual screens to present your favouritest motoring programme in the world. In a parallel Lego Universe, that is.

"Yes, the chaps behind the world-renowned sticky bricks have helped us whip up an exclusive Lego trailer.”

Sounds like those petrol fumes have gone to somebody’s head.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed the new series of the show is to be given a global launch with a simultaneous broadcast in more than 50 countries.

The programme - once one of the most pirated in the world - will be seen in locations across Australia, Africa and the Middle East at the same time as the new series premieres on BBC2.

Watch the full 'Top Gear' Lego trailer above.

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