16/01/2015 11:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Benedict Cumberbatch Discusses Baby Names For His CumberBaby


Benedict Cumberbatch has been discussing possible name choices for his first baby.

From the very second that the Sherlock star announced that his fiancée Sophie Hunter is pregnant, the internet started buzzing with speculation about his choice of baby name.

Benedict, 38, addressed the issue for the first time today when he appeared on American chat show the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Host Ellen has clearly been spending as much time thinking about possible names for the #Cumberbaby as the rest of the internet! She started off coyly with the question:

"You're going to have a tiny little baby?"

"Or big, we don't know yet," quipped Benedict. "It could be a big baby.

"We're going to have some kind of baby."

He added that he and Sophie don't yet know if they're having a girl or a boy - and with that snippet of information shared, Ellen could hold herself back no longer and launched into a list of baby names she'd prepared for the dad-to-be's consideration.

Top of her list were Engelbert, Harpsichord or Glockenspeil. Benedict didn't seem especially keen on any of the three, but he agreed that Harpsichord would work for either a girl or a boy as it's 'a unisex instrument'. However, he felt that Glockenspeil would only work for a son.

"Definitely a boy, definitely a boy," he said. "German boy in Lederhosen maybe, but a boy."

Ellen then proffered one more name: Carl.

"Carl Cumberbatch? I'm not getting it," replied Benedict, with the air of someone always on the look out for a jibe as their parents gave them a name which makes for easy teasing.

"There's nothing to get. It's just a name," assured Ellen.

But seriously, with such a grand surname as Cumberbatch, this is a decision that is going to require a lot of thought from Benedict and Sophie - perhaps our Baby Name Generator can be of some help?.

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