Pregnancy Announcement: Couple Share 'Non-Traditional' News With Fantastic Photo

Pregnancy announcements range from the funny, to the cute to the highly emotional I've-just-got-something-in-my-eye.

But this one has to be our favourite to date.

Reddit user Meggoeggo1 (the non-pregnant woman in the photo) shared her wife's baby news in spectacular style.

The brilliant photo was uploaded to Reddit with the message: "Coming July 2015: A nontraditional baby announcement for a nontraditional family."

Meggoeggo1's expression is just priceless as her wife beams beside her, with the obligatory 'I'm pregnant so I have my hands on my stomach' pose, naturally.

Meggoeggo1 revealed her wife was always going to be the one to carry their child, saying: "My wife dated men before me so she always thought she'd be pregnant.

"I wanted nothing to do with it. So it worked out."

Honest and funny? Our kind of woman!

Congratulations, both!

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