Man Uses Reddit To Live Blog His Wife Cheating On Him

Man Live Blogs Cheating Wife On Reddit

In a move that sounds like something out of a 'Black Mirror' episode, a man turned to Reddit to live blog his suspicions that his wife was cheating on him.

The man who calls himself simply 'MyLifeSuxNow', posted an update on the site stating that he had been with his wife for many years and yet was now worried that she might be cheating on him.

After a brief investigation of her phone -- all blogged in real time -- it becomes clear that at the very least, she has been having inappropriate conversations with another man.

That's when things get really weird.

Based on examinations of the phone, the Redditor realises that his wife and her presumed lover are going to meet up this weekend under the guise of going away with his brother's wife.

It quickly becomes clear that his own brother's wife could also be in on the lie and could even be meeting someone herself.

The man then hires a private investigator and the story continues to unfold.

While it's not uncommon for people to post fake stories on Reddit, commenters appear to have thrown themselves behind the poster, leaving messages of support.

While we won't give away much more, it's a heart-wrenching example of how for some people, talking to the faceless world of the internet can be the safest place to share their fears and concerns.

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