20/01/2015 12:17 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kita Skincare: The Innovative New Beauty Brand To Know About

Personalised skincare was tipped to be the big beauty trend of 2015 - and this new beauty brand is already ahead of the curve.


For the last three years, Kita Skincare has been formulating its Moisturising Serum Complex - a unisex product suitable for all skin types. It's made with the the active ingredients of a serum and the hydrating qualities of a moisturiser but best of all, this product is tailored to the individual.

Based on the five-element theory of Chinese philosophy, the range includes Earth, Wood, Water, Metal and Fire-inspired serums. Each is made with a specific blend of ingredients suited to that particular element - all the customer has to do is identify which element they are aligned with (there's a handy tool to do this on the Kita website) before trying the appropriate product.
It sounds simple - but this combination of holistic and scientific methodologies is new to luxury skincare.

"I wanted to create a complete skincare product that was quick and easy to use," Kita founder Chiara Vania explained to us. "Yes, this is about beauty but more importantly, it's about balance within and how we feel on the inside."

Even if you don't buy into the Five Elements theory, the biggest perk of this product is it's multi-purpose (it works brilliantly as a primer under make up) and if you're questioning the high price tag, the ingredients list is impressive.

Each element includes a gemstone, used for its balancing effect. Wood contains Jade micro gems, Fire contains Ruby, Earth has Topaz, Metal comes with Moonstone and Water has Sapphire.

Skincare that promotes inner beauty? Now that's a trend we can get on board with.

Kita's Moisturising Serum Complexes are available online only and are £155 each. (Vania promised us more will be added to the range further down the line.)

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