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Pregnant Shakira Shares Baby Shower Photos For Unicef Campaign

Jamue De La Iguana

Pregnant Shakira has shared baby shower photos as she prepares to give birth to her second child.

Shakira, 37, is eight months pregnant with her second baby. The singer, and her footballer partner, Gerard Piqué, have released their baby shower photos to support Unicef's 'World Baby Shower' campaign to help vulnerable children around the world.

The campaign asks pregnant women, and their friends, to join a 'World Baby Shower' by visiting a special website featuring 'Inspired Gifts'. Buying these presents help Unicef's work helping children in some of the poorest countries.

There are 10 Inspired Gifts available to buy. The range includes midwifery kits with medical equipment for the safe delivery of 50 babies, measles and polio vaccines, blankets and baby scales.

Other gifts include a football – to support the power of sport and play – and a storybook to nurture a love of reading and learning.

Jaume De La Iguana

Shakira is also offering personal thank you cards for those supporting the campaign, which can be purchased through the singer's social media pages. Each card bought will release funds for life-saving measles vaccines.

Shakira, who also worked with Unicef throughout her pregnancy with her two-year-old son Milan, said: "Every woman who's expecting has the power to use the blessing of her child's imminent birth to save the lives of other, less fortunate children around the world.

"If every expectant mother having a baby shower decided to include among her gift registry some of these 'inspired gifts' that Unicef offers, we could collectively save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children all over the globe.

"Now that we are soon welcoming our second child we want to help other children around the world and also contribute to a long-lasting solution for getting children living in extreme poverty the supplies they need to survive.

"We also want other parents to feel compelled to do the same.

"With the explosion of social media, celebrities aren't the only ones who have platforms that can reach mass audiences, and we want this movement to keep going long after our baby shower has ended, so we want to invite them to host their own baby showers with Unicef as well."

For information on how to get involved, visit

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