20/01/2015 06:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Soldier Dad Returns Home - But Daughter Doesn't Recognise Him (Video)


A little girl gets her Christmas wish early in this cute video, when her soldier dad surprises her after a year overseas - but she doesn't realise it's him!

The video shows Janae sitting with her mum and other relatives at the dining table while she works on her Christmas list.

Top of her list, like most kids, is a visit to Disneyland, but her second wish for Christmas is to see her daddy, who has been deployed with the armed forces for over a year.

We've all seen the cute homecoming surprise videos of servicemen and women surprising their loved ones by appearing unannounced after a long period overseas. However, this time there's a slight problem: after a year away, Janae doesn't realise that the surprise guest is her dad.

"She hadn't seen her dad in 1 yr and had no idea he was returning home," her mum explains in the video caption. "She was so used to seeing him clean cut and shaved she didn't even recognize him at first!"

As dad T.J walks into the kitchen, Janae glances across at the man she takes for a stranger and gives him a polite 'Hi'.

Although we imagine it's not exactly the reaction T.J was imagining, he keeps his cool with a casual 'Hi' in return.

"Is that all?" her mum laughs incredulously. "Aren't you excited?"

It's only when she gives the newcomer a closer look that Janae starts to realise that her Christmas wish has come true early.

"Wait a second," she says, with mounting excitement. "That looks just like... my daddy!". She flings herself at her dad, finally giving him the homecoming he'd been hoping for.