The Sun Page 3 Axe Blamed On Islam, Sharia And Muslims By These People

These People Are Genuinely Blaming Islam For The End Of Page 3

It was depressingly inevitable really.

The Sun pull their long-running Page 3 topless model feature (for the moment) and some people instantly assume it's because of 'creeping sharia' and the 'Islamisation' of the UK.

Don't worry Jon, it's happened...

No Daft Lad, no.

Poor Daft Lad.

And he's not alone.

Can't quite tell if that's an ironic hashtag or not...

This chap seems pretty sure.

No one give this man any responsibility for anything, ever...

Why outdoor swimming pools WHAT? Ashley, don't leave us in such cruel suspense!

No Peter, no.

Backed up with absolutely nothing there, nice one.

Great photoshopping there mate.

This could be a vote winner for some.

And to finish on a positive, here's a great shout from Julia.


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