21/01/2015 09:53 GMT | Updated 21/01/2015 09:59 GMT

To Celebrate National Hug Day, Here Are 12 Hugs You'll Experience Once In Your Lifetime

KERRYWHO via Getty Images

Limber up those shoulder joints and flex those arms wide y'all - 'cause it's National Hug Day.

From man hugs to group hugs to keeping-yourself-warm hugs, here are some of the embraces you can expect to have at least once in your life...

The comforting ones

The loving ones

And (sometimes sadly) the self-loving ones.

The angry ones

The awkward ones

And the downright teary ones.

The group ones

The clingy ones

And the wonderfully spoony ones.

The bro ones

The 'just no!' ones

And, best of all, the "oh!" ones.

Now go and give someone a hug, fool!