University Of Rochester Creates New Hydrophobic Metal That Makes Water Bounce

University scientists have created a brand new metal that is so water repellent it causes liquid to bounce off it like a ball.

The university's optics team used lasers to etch a nano-pattern into metal, causing it to become incredibly hydrophobic.

This new method puts an end to problems of chemical-based hydrophobic coatings rubbing off, providing a long-life water resistant surface with incredible uses.

It could prevent icing on airplane wings, keep surfaces sanitised, and safely house electrical equipment.

Not to mention potentially making your phone toilet-proof.

"The material is so strongly water-repellent, the water actually gets bounced off," Professor Chunlei Guo said.

"Then it lands on the surface again, gets bounced off again, and then it will just roll off from the surface."

Chunlei Guo and his University of Rochester associates add to their repertoire with this discovery, having already created super-hydrophilic surfaces in the past.