Celebrities Who've Lied About Their Age: From ‘Coronation Street' Stars To James Blunt And Nadine Coyle (PICS)

Revealed! The Celebs Who've Lied About Their Age
Celebs who've lied about their age
Celebs who've lied about their age
Britta Pedersen/DPA/AP/Tony Spencer/PA Archive

In the world of showbiz, things aren’t always as they seem and sometimes, celebs are responsible for telling a few fibs, including the old classic - lying about their age.

In January 2015, actress Katie Redford was caught telling fibs, when it was revealed that she was 25, not 19 as she had claimed to be during her 'Corrie' audition.

While Katie's lie was discovered by eagle-eyed fans, plenty of stars have managed to keep their real age a secret, revealing it later in life when they decide the game's up or, in the case of James Blunt, when their passport features in a music vid. Whoops.

However, while most stars are guilty of shaving a few years off their total, a small handful actually increased the number.

Find out who in the slideshow below...


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