22/01/2015 09:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Charlotte Hawkins' Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video

Twitter/Ben Shephard

Charlotte Hawkins has been given a time-lapse pregnancy video by her Good Morning Britain workmates to celebrate the start of her maternity leave.

The team put together the extra special present for Charlotte, 39, to commemorate her first pregnancy, as she temporarily bid them farewell today (Thursday, January 22).

You can see the video in full on the ITV website.

Charlotte spent her last morning on the show before the birth of her baby with Dr Hilary Jones and weather presenter Laura Tobin using tricks from old wives tales to try to predict whether Charlotte will have a girl or a boy.

Laura dangled a ring on a bit of string over Charlotte's bump and divined that she'll be having a girl. But Dr Hilary - the voice of science - interjected that the ring must be mistaken, as folklore holds that a baby girl will steal her mum's beauty and as Charlotte is 'positively glowing' she must be having a boy.

Oh Hilary, you old charmer!

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