Université de Moncton's Promotion Video Has Students Making Out. #OnlyInCanada

Uni's Promotion Video Has Students Making Out In The Library. #OnlyInCanada

Mute the sound (or carry on as you were if you can't speak French) and you could be watching a beer advert. Or a perfume advert. Basically anything bar an advert for a university.

Which is, of course, what this rather raunchy and slightly salacious number is.

The Université de Moncton in Canada has left a few mouths agape after it released its promotional video which features (you may wish to take a seat) KISSING.

That's right, real life snogging.

Although the university has been applauded by some for its sassy, sexy vid, the president of the university's librarians unsurprisingly isn't too pleased, branding the ad "pathetic".

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