Celebs Join Malala's We Are Silent Campaign

A-listers such as Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Edward Norton and Selena Gomez have joined Malala Yousafzai's campaign to raise awareness of access to education for girls.

In the video, stars take turns reading from youth activist Malala's description of the culture of fear which prevented girls in her region from attending school.

At the age of 15, Malala was shot by Taliban gunmen on her school bus in retaliation for speaking out about the Taliban's closure of girls' schools. She has now made a name as an international voice on behalf of children's rights and spoke at the recent We Day UK festival to announce the 'silent stand' campaign.

Famous faces appearing in the video, produced by the Malala Fund in association with international charity Free The Children, also include home-grown celebs Clive Owen, Orlando Bloom and Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch.

The 'silent stand' campaign encourages anyone who feels impassioned by the cause of universal education and wellbeing for children to take a vow of silence on April 17 in honour to those around the world who have been silenced.

This includes not only children who are denied an education because of their gender, but also all children around the world who are bullied, abused or exploited and are unable to speak out to defend their rights, whether through fear, violence or lack of access to power.

The stars taking part will be posting the word 'Shhh' on their social media profiles, accompanied by pictures of themselves with a finger held up to their lips.

Those interested in the campaign can use the hashtag #WeAreSilent to signal their support and follow updates throughout the day.