‘EastEnders' Spoiler: 30th Anniversary Trailer Teases Week Of Revelations (VIDEO)

The New 'EastEnders' Live Week Trailer Is Borderline Terrifying

‘EastEnders’ have upped the fear factor in recent weeks, and the new trailer for the 30th anniversary celebrations, which has been dubbed the ‘Week Of Revelations’, has left our blood running cold.

The creepy ad sees Albert Square's residents left stunned by a mystery force.

The Beale family

A number of the key suspects in the Lucy Beale murder case are visited by the phantom, including her family, Denise, and Ben and Jay.

During the eerie scenes, handprints appear on the doors of Beale’s Place,the gate to the Square bangs shut, and the bell at the Queen Vic rings on its own.

Who could be responsible?

Ghost Lucy, obviously

Scary. Stuff.

Hetti Bywater’s character is set to return during live week, when a flashback episode reveals everything that happened on the night when she died.

A number of other old favourites will be returning to the Square, including Max Branning’s ex Tanya, and Walford legend Peggy Mitchell.

Watch the Week Of Revelations trailer above…

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