27/01/2015 12:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Over Half Of 8-Year-Old Girls Want Thinner Bodies, Says Shocking New Research

Brace yourself for this shocking news: a new study conducted by Common Sense Media reports half of girls aged six to eight want thinner bodies and 802C5177542502C5171895222C518221447&height=426&width=640&sid=577&origin=SOLR&responsive=false&relatedMode=2&relatedBottomHeight=60&companionPos=&hasCompanion=false&autoStart=false&colorPallet=23191919&shuffle=0&isAP=1"> Majority Of 10-Year-Olds Have Gone On A Diet

All about a healthy, balanced diet? Flick through this gallery for a heads up on what foods will give you a glowing complexion.