27/01/2015 11:33 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Scrumbag' Andy Powell Talks About Being A Hands-On Dad After Having Baby With Wife He Cheated On

SALFORD, ENGLAND - MAY 04: Andy Powell of Sale Sharks applauds the supporters following the Aviva Premiership match between Sale Sharks and London Wasps at the Salford City Stadium on May 04, 2013 in Salford, England. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

'Scrumbag' rugby star Andy Powell has spoken about the joys of fatherhood after be became a dad with the wife he cheated on.

The former Wales international was given the nickname by his wife Natasha after she found sexually explicit text messages on his phone last year.

Her revenge was very public when she burnt his clothes and sprayed 'cheat' over his house and pink Mercedes last year.

But the saga has had a very happy ending after the couple reunited and Natasha gave birth to their baby son, Henry Harman.

And in an interview with his local paper, Andy has proudly told how well he's taken to his new role.

He said: 'I'm a real hands-on dad. I don't mind changing Henry's nappies and doing late night feeds.

'It's a mad feeling, absolutely crazy but completely enjoyable.

"I've got a few days off now to spend time with Tash and Henry and then I'll be back training. The boys have been great and sent us a top with Powell on the back for little Henry."

And in a series of Tweets, Andy shared pictures of his new experiences as a dad. (TWEETS)

The touching posts show the amazing turnaround for the couple, who looked to be heading for a divorce last year.

Natasha had sold her husband's belongings on eBay following suspicions that he had been cheating on her.

She also claimed he paid for the wedding with gambling gains and got drunk before their big day and was nearly arrested.

She auctioned his wedding suit, rugby memorabilia and even romantic letters and cards she had received from him.

At the time she said: "I've been pushed to the absolute limit. It's extreme to sell Andy's things on ebay but I can't get him to take me seriously. Everything about him I don't recognise anymore - he isn't the man I married."

But the pair reunited in May when Natasha discovered she was pregnant.

Natasha, who had previously suffered two miscarriages, decided to give Andy one last chance for them to be a family.

She has said: "At one point, I blamed him for losing my babies. But he is so happy about the baby and he can't wait to be a dad. I know we can make it work this time.

"Andy told me wanted to make a go things and get his life back on track.

"He has been very apologetic. I don't know whether it is because I am pregnant or because something clicked in his mind."

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