27/01/2015 08:34 GMT | Updated 27/01/2015 12:59 GMT

How To Save A Choking Baby: Star-Studded St John's Ambulance Advert Educates Parents In First Aid

Any parent who's seen their baby choke, will know just how terrifying it can be.

But, according to a recent survey by St John's Ambulance, while 40% of parents have found themselves in this awful situation, only four-fifths know how to react.

And so comes their new hard-hitting advert, The Chokeables, where animated choking hazards (a pen lid, Jelly Baby, marble) come to life to teach parents how to potentially save their child's life - in just 40 seconds.

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The advert, which has had more than 2million YouTube hits, stars the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt.

Their message is simple: learn first aid and save a life.

It isn't the first thought-provoking advert to come from St John's Ambulance.

In 2012, an advert showed a cancer survivor choking to death at a family BBQ because no one knew first aid.

Another shows a young boy immobile on the floor after a fatal fall from a tree.

Other first aid resources for parents on their website include: dedicated first aid advice videos, a download and keep first aid poster, the St John Ambulance app, and an essential first aid course.