Patsy Kensit's 'Celebrity Big Brother' Contract 'Insisted On Weekly Spray Tans'... Much To The Annoyance Of Her Housemates

The Tan-tastic Truth Behind Patsy's Eight Nominations

Thought the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates all teamed up to nominate Patsy Kensit because they were sick of her sitting on the fence? Think again - it turns out they were all just jealous of her tan.


In fact, it’s been reported that Patsy had a clause in her ‘CBB’ contract that meant she was entitled to free spray tans in the diary room once a week, which it seems her fellow housemates were less than happy about.

Patsy Kensit

The ‘CBB’ insider goes on to claim that the rest of the housemates were turning into green-eyed (not to mention orange-skinned) monsters over Patsy’s professional tans: “The other housemates were relatively relaxed about it at the beginning but are now getting increasingly annoyed.

“They are having to apply their own fake tans, with some of them looking ridiculous with streaky faces.”

Ridiculous tans in the ‘CBB’ house? We have no idea what they could be referring to…

Oh dear

Viewers were reportedly kept in the dark about Patsy's spray-tan sessions, in case it appeared that the former 'Emmerdale' actress was getting any kind of special treatment.

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