28/01/2015 04:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hanna's First Ever Easter Egg? Hypnotism Cures Fussy Eater After 15 Years Of Eating Chips


After a lifetime of worrying her parents with her fussy eating, Hanna Little can look forward to her first ever Easter egg (fingers crossed)!

Because since she was five years old, Hanna has eaten nothing but chips! For 15 years, Hanna has suffered from a condition called Selective Eating Disorder, which made her feel sick if she even contemplated eating anything beyond fried potatoes.

But she has now dipped her toe into the waters of culinary adventure after she was hypnotised to overcome her fear of other food.

Hanna, now 20, was forced to seek treatment when she kept passing out because of her limited diet after starting a job as a factory worker.

After just one hypnotherapy session she managed to overcome her demons by eating a pizza - which she says has now become her favourite food.

And now a whole world of Easter chocolate and other treats awaits her.

Hanna from Truro, Cornwall, said: "Refusing foods started when I developed colic as a baby – I've had SED for as long as I can remember – I never really knew what scared me about new food.

"Different foods terrified me, it made me physically sick and anxious and I never knew how I would react.

"I would go to parties, picnics and barbecues with my friends but i would never be able to eat anything.

"I think I can eat chips because they're just plain - it was the idea of different flavours mixing together which really freaked me out.

"I could manage a slice of dry toast for breakfast, but lunch and dinner every day always had to be chips."

Her food phobia meant Hanna couldn't eat with her friends, had to check menus before visiting new restaurants and even had to fake food allergies to get out of eating proper meals.

She said: "When I was old enough to date I went to my boyfriend's house for dinner but I hadn't told him about my SED.

"His mum made me an incredible pasta bake meal and I couldn't eat a bite of it - I pretended that I was allergic to tomato sauce. It was so embarrassing.

"Everyone I spoke to had no idea what it was and just thought I was odd."

Chartered psychologist Felix Economakis, who treated Hanna, said: "SED is usually caused by a trauma associated with food - it is often something that has happened as a baby that the patient has no conscious memory of.

"The fear of food stems from this trauma and the anxiety associated with it. By unlocking the subconscious I can get the patient to process the past and learn to let go of the fear.

"The hypnosis process takes just over an hour and at the end of the session Hanna was able to try several types of new food without anxiety."