29/01/2015 08:05 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Carrot Hunger: The Calorie Counting App That Bullies You Into Losing Weight

When it comes to sticking to that New Year healthy eating/workout plan, we all need a spot of encouragement to ween ourselves off all those guilty pleasures.

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Someone or something to keep us on the straight and narrow is all well and good, but a mobile app that insults you when you enter your height, weight and what you've eaten that day? That's just really mean.


Carrot Hunger is a new a calorie-counting app that logs what you've eaten in a diary and insults you accordingly.

The description on iTunes reads: "Track the foods you shove in your piehole with CARROT, the talking calorie counter." Nice, real nice.

Food Beast reports the app is all niceties when you input your measurements, addressing users with little gems like "greetings meatbag".

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There's a limit to the amount of calories you're allowed to consume daily (like most diets), and those who go over it are forced to "bribe" the app with a $0.99 payment or "accept the consequences".

Seriously, WHO thinks this stuff up? It's literally like paying to be insulted.

If tough love is your thing, then by all means give it a go, but be warned - other punishments for going over the recommended calorie intake include the app telling your friends you have terrible self-control (WTF?) or hitting you with really sarcy ads.

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Clearly, you have to take Carrot Hunger with a pinch of salt. But we can think of a million other more ways to try losing a couple of pounds.