Facebook Made £7.66 Off You Last Year


Facebook has had a really good year -- and if it needs to thank anyone, it's you. Each and every one of us in the UK made Facebook around £7.66 in 2014.

That might not sound like much, but add that to Facebook's 1.39 billion users (1/5 of all people) and well, it's quite a lot.

The company posted fourth quarter profits of $701m, a 34 per cent increase on last year. A lot of the increases have come from advertising revenue which grew 53 per cent and brought the company over $3bn in revenue.

What's interesting is that 70 per cent of that advert revenue came from mobile devices, continuing the trend of a move from desktop to mobile across all social and online platforms.

Facebook's profit per dollar has decreased drastically however from 44 to 29 per cent. This comes courtesy of the company's huge investment in R&D over the past year.

The company spent a massive $1.1bn on R&D alone, driving money into its new purchases such as WhatsApp and Oculus.

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