29/01/2015 16:57 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mother 'Hood Video Brings 'Parenting Wars' To Life


We've all heard about the 'mummy wars' - the term coined to describe the way that different approaches to parenting can sometimes lead to heated debates, judgement and condemnation of anyone who doesn't share the same beliefs.

Breast or bottle? Co-sleeping or cot? Attachment parenting or controlled crying? Parenting is fraught with opposing theories about the best way to raise a child - and sometimes, it really can feel like a war.

So this clever and funny video, made by American baby feeding products company Similac, imagines the various schools of thought as real gangs.

The breast-is-best brigade square off against bottle-feeders, working mums and stay at home mums trade barbs across a playground, and full-time dads try to get their voices heard.

But just when it seems like it's all about to kick off, the clip ends with a sweet twist which reminds us all that whatever may divide parents, every mum and dad is united by one thing - the instinct to love and protect their children.

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