29/01/2015 10:10 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

There's A New Dukan Diet!

In 2000, Dr. Pierre Dukan published a low carb, high protein diet plan promising to help men and women lose a large amount weight quickly. Since then, Dukan's book has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and has attracted celebrity fans including Jennifer Lopez and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Dukan Diet

As with all diets, sticking to these eating habits requires discipline. With this in mind, Dr. Dukan has written a follow-up book to his original aimed at dieters who are happy to lose weight more moderately.

The Dukan Diet 2 has been adapted for different audiences, both male and female, wishing to lose up to 20kg of weight, and offers a less restrictive approach to food consumption. To find out more about what it involves, we spoke to Dr. Dukan about his latest eating plan. He explains the benefits below...

What's a typical meal plan for this diet?
When you follow Dukan Diet 2 you add a new food group each day. An example plan to follow is:
• Monday – protein eg. oat bran galette
• Tuesday – protein and vegetables, eg. konjac shirataki noodles with bolognese sauce
• Wednesday – protein, vegetables and fruit eg. vanilla cheesecake with raspberry coulis
• Thursday – protein, vegetables, fruit and bread eg. crostini slices with melon and bresaola
• Friday – protein, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese eg. spinach and goats cheese gratin
• Saturday – protein, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese and carbs eg. tandoori chicken with red lentil dhal
• Sunday – celebration! A three course meal with a small glass of wine
What are the benefits of the Dukan Diet 2?
Dieting while there is such food abundance all around us is unnatural. My diet allows you to lose weight naturally by teaching followers how they can eat freely in a controlled way. As long as you stick to the permitted foods, you don't need to check how much you're eating. Compared to most other diets Dukan Diet 2 provides users with a varied and flexible plan to follow which makes falling of the diet wagon less likely.

How quickly can you expect to see results?
You can expect to lose up to 4lbs a week when you follow the Dukan Diet 2.

Which foods should you avoid?
I would advise people to try and limit their sugar consumption where possible. Sugar is not a natural food; it is a creation of the food industry and is not needed as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

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Are there any side-effects?
There should not be any side-effects but as with any diet you should always consult your GP before you start.

What advice would you give for sticking to this diet?
Diet's aren't easy. If you have weight to lose and you want to lose it then you will. Most people give up when they don't see results straight away. By being determined and putting your happiness first you will not fail. As with any diet after the first few weeks your weight loss will slow down. When this happens increase the amount you exercise and you will continue to see results. For those who want an interactive and personalised service that adapts to you, your lifestyle, your background and personal preferences try my online coaching programme at

Why choose this diet over other healthy eating plans?
Dukan Diet 2 is a nutritionally balanced diet program that educates followers about healthy eating. It is ideal for those who have trouble depriving themselves of certain foods for long periods of time, that crave a varied and complete diet, want to enjoy a Sunday meal where anything is permitted and follow a diet that is fun and enjoyable where new food groups are added daily.

Dukan Diet 2, RRP £14.99, is available nationwide. For more information about Dukan Diet 2 visit