Autistic Weather Enthusiast Frankie MacDonald Given His Own Segment On Cape Breton News Show

Autistic Weather Enthusiast Given His Own Segment On News Show

Frankie MacDonald is a Canadian man with autism who has an insatiable passion for all things meteorological.

He even broadcasts his own online weather show and his hugely popular videos led to CBC News giving him the chance to present a segment on their program.

The 28-year-old has been covering the weather online since October 2011, and regularly gets thousands of views on his YouTube videos.

Frankie MacDonald

"When there's a big storm coming or heat wave, all the other stuff, you have to be prepared. During heat waves - bottled water, sun screen, wearing hats and sun glasses - drink lots of bottled water.

"I like it, I like when people say, 'Frankie you are doing a great job, doing the weather.'"

But not everyone has been civil in the comments on Frankie's videos. His aunt Darlene told CBC of vicious trolling and bullying on YouTube: "It's very, very hurtful. They wouldn't speak like that if it was their relative or their son, basically they don't know what autism is and they don't realise [those with autism] have feelings too."

Frankie designed his own website, and has over 4,000 followers on Twitter.