How To Make A Yorkshire Pudding (That Looks Like A Pillow And Tastes Like A Dream)

With National Yorkshire Pudding Day just around the corner (1 February, guys), we thought it would be rude not to share this tasty how-to video.

Here, the head chef at The George Inn, Old Oxsted, shares his top foodie tips for making a cracking Yorkshire pud.

Take it away Paul...

To make some truly spiffing Yorkshires (or just one mega pud), you will need:

:: Plain flour

:: Four eggs

:: 200ml milk

:: Salt and pepper


1) Turn your oven up to a high setting.

2) Drizzle some oil into a large ceramic roasting dish and pop the dish in the oven. (Alternatively, if you want to make smaller 'muffin' Yorkshires then drizzle your oil into a baking tin and put in the oven.)

3) Crack four eggs into a mixing bowl, add salt and pepper, and then whisk.

4) Add your milk and whisk again.

5) Then, gradually add your flour and - in the words of Paul - "give it a really good whisk". It's important for the mixture not to be too thick as this will prevent the Yorkshires from rising. It's also equally important that the mixture isn't too thin, as the puddings will collapse.

Quick tip: Keep the mixture quite "eggy" so that your Yorkshire pudding is more likely to rise in the oven.

6) Once you're happy with the thickness of your mixture, pull the ceramic dish out of the oven and pour your mix in.

7) Put the dish back in the oven on a high setting, and leave for 40-45 minutes.

8) Keep an eye on your Yorkshire pudding and if it starts to brown off too much then turn your oven temperature down.

9) Once your Yorkshire has risen and looks suitably golden, bring out of the oven and leave to cool.

"And that's how you make an absolutely stonking Yorkshire pudding."

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