03/02/2015 08:27 GMT | Updated 03/02/2015 08:59 GMT

'Moon Ring' Lights Up UK Night Sky (And Twitter)

If you happened to be out braving the cold last night you might have been one of the lucky few to see one of nature's more beautiful phenomena: the 'Moon ring' or 'halo'.

This rare lunar phenomena is caused by light reflecting through millions of tiny ice crystals found in high-altitude clouds.

At more than 20,000 feet, the clouds would have been almost impossible to see if not for the halo.

moon halo

One of the more astonishing features about this phenomena is that no one person will ever see the same halo, because the Moon's light will hit the particles at different angles, different people will see a different halo - just like a rainbow.

In some of the images you'll be able to see a bright white spot in the bottom left hand corner, just within the circumference. That's actually Jupiter, which just so happened to be in the same region of the night sky.