03/02/2015 06:53 GMT | Updated 03/02/2015 06:59 GMT

This Is What Travelling At The Speed Of Light Feels Like

Imagine you're a photon of light. Actually, don't imagine you're a photon of light, it's probably very boring and you wouldn't be able to see any of this if you were.

Instead imagine you're an astronaut in the world's first spaceship capable of travelling at light speed.

The excitement you're probably feeling at having the solar system at your fingertips is understandable, however we've got some bad news. While the speed of light might seem fast from the surface of the Earth, in the black never-ending vastness of space, it's actually quite slow.

light speed

To help try and visualise just how slow the speed of light is (a paltry 186,000 miles per second), Los Angeles artist Alphonse Swinehart has created a video in real-time that takes you on a journey from the Sun to Jupiter.

Why Jupiter? Well Swinehart wanted to keep the video under an hour. No really, that's how long it takes. To put it another way, the Sun is so big that it takes a little over four seconds for light to travel from one side of the Sun to the other.

Ok so maybe we're just being impatient, 8 mins and 20 seconds is actually a pretty decent time for your daily commute to the Sun and back. That said, the video actually highlights a much larger problem on our hands: our solar system is frankly pea-sized in comparison to the rest of the galaxy.

An hour long to the end of the solar system would then turn into a frankly epic 10 year journey just to reach the nearest planet outside our solar system.

Don't panic though, while you're still worrying about light speed, this guy is building a warp drive in his shed.