03/02/2015 09:40 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

World's Worst Dad Steals His Own Children's Christmas Presents

Police handout

Is this man the world's worst dad? Joshua Seivwright, 28, has been jailed for stealing his OWN children's Christmas presents.

The callous father broke in to his estranged wife's house to take his two sons' Playstation and games after a bitter row with their mother.

A court was told that Seivwright decided to steal them just six days before Christmas – after being told to 'stay away' from the home by partner Katie Thomas.

Newport Crown Court heard how he told her: "If you're not going to let me in, I'll break in. You've ruined my Christmas, so I'll ruin yours."

Seivwright later sold the items at a Game shop in his home city of Newport, South Wales.

He was arrested and told officers that the stolen goods had been his to sell.

But CCTV showed him breaking into the house through a kitchen window.

Seivwright, of Newport, admitted the burglary carried out just weeks after he had been released from prison for a similar offence.

Judge Ian Murphy sentenced him to eight months in prison.
Judge Murphy said: "You stole your children's Christmas presents. This was a mean burglary."

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