Keep Your Bananas Fresh And Your Stomach Full With These Incredible Food Hacks

How To Keep Your Fruit Fresh

There's nothing more sorrowful-looking than a bunch of brown bananas, are we right?

If that's the case, then what we're about to share with you is (probably) going to make your day.

Move over soggy celery, shriveled tomatoes et al, because we've got a handful of hacks to share for keeping food fresher than... well... fresh fruit.

Here goes:

1) Keep coffee fresh by storing it in an airtight glass container. This stops air from ruining the taste.

2) Brown bananas getting you down? Wrap cling film around the stems, as it keeps air from entering and ripening the banana. Clever huh?

3) If you want to stop your celery sticks from going soggy then wrap them in foil (spaceman style) and put your foil-wrapped package in the fridge.

4) To stop avocado from going gross after you've chopped it, sprinkle some lemon juice over it to keep it fresh.

5) No bread bin? No worries! Wrap your bread in a paper bag instead.

6) If you keep your meat on the top shelf of your fridge then you might want to rethink this strategy. Placing it at the bottom of the fridge will keep food fresh, as meat juices won't run onto the rest of your food.

7) Store onions in the pantry rather than the fridge to let them breathe.

8) Tomatoes keep better when stored on a counter away from the sun.

9) Speaking of tomatoes, don't put your cucumber near them as they release ethylene gases which can cause cucumbers to ripen quicker.

You heard it here first.

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