04/02/2015 08:13 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 09:59 GMT

Asking The Real Questions For Month Of Kinship

Your most important relationships can last a lifetime. Whether it’s the relationship with your lover, your life partner, your best friend or yourself, real relationships are about so much more than one day in the second week of February. So this month, the month of kinship, the Huffington Post is partnering with Haagen Dazs to celebrate your relationship. Not only for St Valentine’s day, but for the whole month. Because while Valentine’s can be a nice punctuation point to your year, it’s the remaining days that make your relationships real.

We are diving deep into what makes real relationships tick with articles that will provide a pause and time to reflect on how to make a modern relationship work. Each article asks a question that digs into what makes us happy and how we can maintain great relationships. Ask them of yourself, ask them of your partner, ask them of the universe and see how a little focus on the real side of relationships can help us all.

Haagen Dazs cares about the real ingredients that go into your relationship, because we know that something great is made up of a few simple things. When Haagen Dazs was first made in 1961 by Reuben Mattus, it was made from a base of 100% real milk, cream and eggs – the same real ingredients that it’s made from today, because Haagen-Dazs believe nothing is better than real. We know that it’s real ingredients that make up real relationships too – not the saccharine notions we’re swamped with around St Valentines’ day.

Over the next week we’re looking at a range of ways to prompt some thought and discussion around your relationship, a little yearly maintenance. Each day we are asking one question developed by The School Of Life - the specialists in thinking about what makes us all tick - to help you step back and think about what’s important. We’re talking about the little, and big, things that really make relationships work - topics like finding the real you, and the real them, really focusing on being together and paying attention to each other (yes you, put your phone down for one minute and focus). We hope you will find genuine, inspiring questions here to delve into why your relationship is working and how, if possible, it could work better.

Each useful article will also bring you a tailor-made video from The School of Life. The videos explore each question, are fun, insightful and always full of useful concepts that you can genuinely put to work.

We love to stir up the status quo. We think the clichés of Valentines day are there to be challenged. So join us as we look at what makes people connect in real relationships. Good relationships are made up of just a few simple ingredients. Get these right, and the good things in life follow.