Samsung Galaxy S6 Pictures Leak And It Looks Scarily Like An iPhone

These-- believe it or not -- are the first leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

And before you say anything, we know. It looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6.

Let's state upfront that a) we don't know if these are real and b) we haven't seen it in person.

What's actually happened is that these leaked images have appeared on tech rumours site claiming to show the metallic frame that will feature in the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

While the side of the phone certainly has some similarities to Samsung's 'bumper' style that's found on the Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha, the top and bottoms are strikingly similar to a certain smartphone made by Apple.

Sporting the same metallic grey smoothed bottom, while also boasting the same placement of headphone jack, speaker and charging port.

The similarity is so great it's important to take these pictures with an almost gargantuan shed load of salt. We won't know for sure whether this really is the Galaxy S6 or just a decoy until the 1 March when Samsung holds its official launch event at MWC 2015.