04/02/2015 07:08 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 07:59 GMT

Selfie Could Have Caused Light Aircraft Crash

A light aircraft crash in Colorado which cost the lives of both the pilot and the passenger, could have been caused by the pilot trying to take a selfie.

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed in its report that the pilot and his passengers had been taking self-portrait photographs just minutes earlier during another flight.

While the fatal crash wasn't recorded, a GoPro was discovered near the wreckage which contained recordings of previous flights. These showed that the passengers were not only taking selfies but were also using flash photography during the night flights.

cessna 150

The pilot's logbook also showed that he didn't have the necessary flight time to make him experienced enough for flying in the conditions that were present on the night of the accident.

The NTSB's report sums up by saying, "Based on the evidence of cell phone use during low-altitude maneuvering, including the flight immediately before the accident flight, it is likely that cell phone use during the accident flight distracted the pilot and contributed to the development of spatial disorientation and subsequent loss of control."

With selfies now well and truly a part of popular culture, there's clearly a growing demand for organisations to alert pilots and drivers to the dangers that surround the practise. But arguably there is a similar demand for news organisations to start fixating on selfies as a single - rather than potentially contributory - factor in tragedies such as this.