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The Only Girl In The World Who Doesn't Like Frozen? (Video)

YouTube/keatyn smith

Is this the only little girl in the world who doesn't like Frozen? That would be an emphatic YES.

When invited by her dad to build a snowman – to the tune of the irritatingly catchy song from the Disney blockbuster, toddler Helena Smith made it VERY clear that there was as much chance as a snowball's in hell.

"Would you like to build a snowman," her dad sings (very sweetly, too, if you ask us).

But staring out of the window, with her hands defiantly in her pockets, Helena looks over her shoulder and snarls: "No!"

The hilarious video was filmed by her mum Keatyn and has been viewed on YouTube more than 200,000 times.

Let's hope frosty Helena warms up by the time Frozen Fever is released in the UK on April 3.

Yesterday (Feb 3), producers released a sneak preview of stills from the seven-minute follow-up to Frozen.

And according to the actor who plays Olaf the snowman, it features an even more infuriatingly catchy song that Let It Go from the original.

Frozen Fever reunites the cast, characters, directors and even songwriters of the original 2013 Disney blockbuster.

It will be screened ahead of Disney's Cinderella on April 3 in the UK – but it's certain to re-capture the hearts of Frozen's huge fan base.

Co-director Chris Buck said: "It's another side of Elsa the audience hasn't seen before and we hadn't really played with in the original feature."

The new movie sees Princess Anna's plans to put on a birthday party for Elsa ruined, after the snow queen catches a cold.

Co-director Jennifer Lee said: "Elsa doesn't get a cold in the usual way. She's special. Surprising things occur that wreak a little havoc."

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, added: "We continue this story of these two sisters, who only had each other growing up together. They are still supporting each other. That's what this is about."

Watch the original How To Build a Snowman, which has been viewed more than 12 million times...

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