05/02/2015 07:04 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Breast Implant Mum Has FF Breasts Reduced Because They Set A Bad Example To Her Daughters

Channel 4

A mother-of-six who had three boob jobs to increase her breast size to double-F has had them reduced because they set a bad example to her daughters.

Channel 4 show Bodyshockers spoke to mum Gemma (whose last name was not revealed) about her addiction to breast implants caused by her insecurity about her flat chest when she was in her early 20s.

She said she didn't feel like a 'proper woman' and so had three operations to boost her cup size.

But the mum – who has two girls, aged 10 and five – said she now 'absolutely hates' her large chest, adding: "They just look like two bald men's heads down my top. It's like something from a Carry On film, they look comical."

And she is fed up with the unwanted attention her breasts attract.

Gemma, from Halifax, said: "They give the impression I want people to look at me and I really don't. I'm not proud of these, they reflect an insecurity I once had. Now they make me feel more self-conscious."

Her husband, Lewis agrees, saying: "Going out and about with Gemma she gets a lot of attention from men. They don't look at her face, they look at her boobs and that really annoys me."

Gemma admitted she is most concerned about the message she is sending to her daughters Sky, 10, and Pearl, five, with her cosmetically enhanced cleavage.

She said: "I have two impressionable daughters who look up to their mum. It worries me that I may have normalised massive breast implants to my daughters.

"How can I tell them to love themselves as they are when I'm here with massive breast implants. I want to show them a woman is much more than a pair of breasts."

The Channel 4 show filmed Gemma as she prepared to go under the knife one more time to have another operation to take her chest size down to a D cup.

After the 1kg implants were removed, Gemma said she finally feels confident again.

She said: "I'm thrilled to bits with the results. Those two bald headed men have disappeared, I don't have a shelf anymore, just a smooth, natural curve.

"I feel a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders- or rather my chest."

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