This Millennium Falcon Drone Is The Coolest Thing On The Internet

One Star Wars fan has finally taken the step that we all knew was coming, they've built a Millennium Falcon drone.

Olivier C lovingly built the Millennium Falcon replica using his original drone as a template. Constructing the shape of Han Solo's first love using aluminium he then attached the necessary extras like the forward observation lights and the engines on the back.

Building a replica of your favourite spacecraft is all very well but can you make it do the Kessel run in 12 parsecs? Olivier can't, in fact in its first flight he struggles to keep it from ploughing rather unceremoniously into the snow.

There is hope though and by the second video Olivier has mastered the art of his new toy sending the rest of us into an uncontrollable fit of jealousy.

All we'll need now is a Death Star, some X-Wings and a squadron of Tie Fighters and you'll have what could be the greatest nerd moment since that dog dressed up as an Ewok.

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