05/02/2015 05:13 GMT | Updated 05/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Universities Minister Greg Clark Says Student Loan Repayments Are Less Than A Daily Cup Of Posh Coffee

David Jones/PA Wire
Universities minister Greg Clark whose claim that the cost of university tuition fees was no more than the price of a cup of coffee

Universities minister Greg Clark told students not to worry about racking up £27,000 of debt, because paying it back costs less than a daily cup of posh coffee.

"If you earn £30,000 as a graduate, you pay back £2.22 a day; now, there are people who buy cups of posh coffee for less than that," were his words.

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Greg may have thought he was home safe as the comments were made last month at a science and engineering debate at the Royal Society, but the Daily Mail got wind of things, and so now everyone knows.

Oh dear, Greg.

Naturally, Greg got rinsed on Twitter.

But he's now come out and defended his remarks by lashing out at Labour, telling PoliticsHome: "It's a sign of panic to distract from them not having a higher education policy weeks before a general election."

Unfortunately for Greg, no-one really bought his explanation..