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Amazing 10-Year-Old Rock Guitarist Racks Up 1.4 Million Views On YouTube (Video)

YouTube/Toby Lee

If you've got a grumpy child in guitar lessons at the moment, show them these videos of 10-year-old Toby Lee with the message: "This could be you."

For the super-dooper-mega-talented schoolboy has become a virtual rock star after notching up more 1.4 million views on YouTube with his guitar playing.

Toby, from Bloxham, Oxfordshire, is so talented he's appeared on BBC Radio Two and a Seattle-based rock and blues radio station.

In his most recent performance, he wears a red and white uniform to belt out a version of AC/DC's hit, Thunderstruck, in honour of his lead guitar hero Angus Young.

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Within days of the clip being shared online, hundreds of thousands of people had logged on to check out the rest of Toby's videos - with countless more sharing them on social media.

But far from letting his new-found fame go to his head, Toby said there was still room for improvement.

He said: "I'd give my guitar playing 9.5 out of 10 because no one is perfect.

"I play the blues and rock and roll but I don't sing, I really hate singing.'"

Toby's famous fans include blues legend Bernie Marsden and Mick Box, lead guitarist of Uriah Heep.
Toby took an interest in music when he picked up the ukulele at the age of four.

He explained: "I got the ukulele when I was four and started to play the guitar when I was six.

"I'm not sure where liking rock came from, but I listen to it all the time now and my mum and dad quite like it.

"I just love playing and when we put the videos up on Facebook I thought they would have about 10 people look at them.

"When I found out more than a million people had seen it, that was a surprise."

Toby's dad, Terry, said he's 'delighted' his son has gained so many fans at such a young age.

He said: "Toby's always been very passionate about the guitar. He's always strumming in the back of the car on his way to school.

"I shot a few videos of him playing at home and put them on Facebook and within a few days over a million people had watched them including people in America.

"He's only 10 but is already getting fan mail. It's amazing and we're delighted his music is being appreciated by so many people."

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