This Company Will Change The Weather For £100,000

How much are you willing to pay for the big day? We'll re-phrase that, how much are you willing to pay for the big day to be sunny?

Turns out around £100,000 should do it.

A luxury hotel chain is offering its clients the ability to utilise a Cloud Bursting service which will 'guarantee' clear skies for the day of your wedding.

How do they do that? Sadly no magic cloud weapon is utilised, instead it's a rather long and complex three week process that involves dropping tiny silver iodide particles into the cloud.

The water vapour within the clouds are then condensed and form rain, once the rain has fallen, the clouds dissipate and there you have it, sunny skies.

Oliver's Travels says it'll provide all the equipment needed including a plane, pilots and a 'crack team' of meteorologists to make sure everything is planned just right.

Clear skies, a happy bride and all for just £100,000. Next up, lightning strikes: custom lightning strikes to add that extra touch of drama to any wedding.

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