06/02/2015 10:46 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad-Of-Four Drove Snowman 40 Miles Home So Daughters Could Keep Him


A dad loaded a snowman into back of his van and drove it 40 miles home - because his daughters didn't want to leave it behind.

Nick Reynolds' daughters Kacey, nine, Heidi, seven, Maisy, five, and Erin, four, were desperate to build a snowman in their garden in Poppleton, near York.

But despite reports on the news that snow was blanketing the north, not a flake fell where they lived – so Nick decided to take his daughters to the snow instead.

The dad drove the girls to the North Yorkshire Moors where they spent a fabulous dad sledging and building Snowy, complete with a hardhat, sunglasses, scarf and arms made from planks of wood.

And they became so attached to their cold creation that they didn't have the heart to leave Snowy behind – so Nick, 48, carefully piled him into the back of his van and drove him home!

The snowman now has pride of place in the family's front lawn.

Passing motorists are now baffled because it hasn't snowed in Poppleton, so Snowy is the only snowman in town.

Mum Joanne, 46, told her local paper: "People have gone out of their way to see it.

"We couldn't believe the response. People have been coming taking photographs. One woman asked if it was real snow.

"We have just had comments galore. It's just brought a lot of joy to Poppleton. There are lots of school children that go past and they just stop and stare."

Let's hope the cold weather lasts...for Snowy's sake!

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