Brooklyn Nets Star Mason Plumlee Collides With A Waitress And Beer Spills Everywhere

Basketball Star Will Do anything For A Beer

Brooklyn Nets star Mason Plumlee committed the most unfortunate foul by colliding with a waitress carrying a tray of beers.

Plumlee chased down a loose ball during Saturday's game against the Washington Wizards but couldn't stop himself running into waitress Delia Barr who was carrying a tray of drinks, beer flew everywhere covering those who were sitting court side.

Waitress Deila Barr looses a tray of beers as Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee runs into her chasing the ball.

The waitress, spectators and Mason Plumlee, who was left unimpressed, all got a slam-dunking of beer, staff quickly rushed to clean up the mess and the Washington Wizards went on to win 77-114.

Waitress gets soaked in beer after colliding with Nathan Plumlee

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