09/02/2015 02:30 GMT | Updated 09/02/2015 02:59 GMT

Katie Price Flies To Belgium To Have Emergency Surgery On Her ‘Fetid Breast' (Katie Hopkins' Words, Not Ours)

Katie Price made no secret of the pain she was suffering with one of her breast whilst in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house and just days after winning the show, she has flown to Belgium for emergency surgery.


The 36-year-old, who recently underwent a breast reduction, was on strong antibiotics throughout her three-week ‘CBB’ stint and even had to temporarily leave the house for an emergency consultation at one point.

After beating arch rival Katie Hopkins to be crowned the winner of this year’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Friday evening, the former glamour model could be seen clutching one of her breasts as she exited the house.

Katie was obviously in some discomfort as she left the 'CBB' house on Friday

A source told the Sun: “Katie is not well at all and needs immediate medical attention. She has flown out to Belgium so that she can get the help she needs from surgeons.”

And it didn’t take her former housemate Katie Hopkins long to let the world know how she felt about Pricey’s condition.

“Pricey bored the tits off me in #CBB. Today, she had her dodgy ones removed by the surgeon. Is that karma?” she tweeted.

And she didn’t stop at a tweet either, later sticking the knife in further in her weekly column for The Sun.

“Katie did nothing and said nothing in the house,” she wrote.

“She just lay there holding her boob, which was falling out and stank of dead people.

“It was fetid. The surgeon came in three times to look at her and she was on huge amounts of antibiotics. It was just bonkers. Her relationship with her boobs is off-the-scale bonkers.

“You’d think that when one was falling out of your body you’d call it a day. But she was determined to be there on Friday.”

Sour grape, anyone?

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