Man Jumps Off Building While On Fire, With GoPro

Man Jumps Off Building While On Fire, With GoPro

When you see the iconic phrase 'Don't try this at home' it's hard to suppress the immediate instinct to ... immediately try it at home.

In this instance however we'd ask that you pause, watch the entire video and then, hopefully, muster up the modicum of common sense required to resist.

This is absurd.

This Russian stunt man decided that the best way to jump off a building was to do so with no safety net other than the snow that had fallen that night, and then to promptly set himself on fire.

We're not entirely sure why he thought fire was needed but as we've so often seen, daredevil stunt persons have an addiction to setting either themselves or their surroundings on fire.

He survives (otherwise we wouldn't be showing you the video), it's just we're not sure how. The first-person view is even better but can only be watched on YouTube.

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