10/02/2015 09:43 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

David Beckham: 'I Still Kiss Brooklyn And Shout 'I Love You' On The School Run'


David Beckham has admitted he still kisses his oldest son Brooklyn – much to the 15-year-old's embarrassment!

The doting dad also revealed that when he drops his son off at school he shouts out 'I love you' – so the mortified teen now insists he's now dropped off around the corner.

Becks made the sweet confession to a Susanna Reid on ITV's Good Morning Britain, saying: "(Brooklyn's) at the age now where he does not want me to drop him off outside school. He does not want too much affection but, yes, I still kiss him.

"He said 'Can you drop me round the corner?' ...

"As he was walking in to school, I wound down the window and shouted 'I love you' to him. He was not happy but it made him smile a few days later."

Asked about his son's 16th birthday celebration on March 4 David said it will be a low key affair.

The 39-year-old father-of-four said: "I think he wants to go for a dinner with his friends and he'll have a separate dinner with his family because he's at the age now when he doesn't want me to drop him outside the school and things like that - which I definitely do anyway!"

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star also admitted his children get into the same scrapes as any other child.

He said: "Without a doubt, my children from time to time do get 'sore throats' in the morning, especially when there is certain things happening at school or their dad is going to play some game.

"They definitely try to get out of school. My son was playing football yesterday and he hurt his neck and the physio came over to me and she said, 'he's fine but his first question was 'do I have to go to school tomorrow?'"

David, who has launched a new fund called 7 for humanitarian charity UNICEF, also said he would not shelter his children from issues in the wider world as they would 'want to know what's going on'.

The charity project, entitled 7: The David Beckham Unicef Fund, marks the star's 10 years as a goodwill ambassador for the charity and is named after the former Manchester United player's favoured shirt number.

It will raise funds and campaign for change in seven countries: Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Djibouti, Serbia and Bangladesh.

Speaking at the event at Google HQ in London, David said: "My fame, my success on the field, opens doors for exactly things like this - the protection of children.

"Even before I had children it meant a lot to me. It changes people's lives across the world. When people say what's the greatest thing about being David Beckham? It's this. It's helping children around the world."

He also said he will encourage his own children to get involved.

He joked: "The children will be getting involved because I'm going to make them. But they are excited about that.

"They know exactly what I'm announcing today and what needs to be done."

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