Fizzy Coffee Is The New Cold Brew


Count yourself as a coffee connoisseur? There are three new espresso trends to know about and they could be creeping into a cafés near you soon.


While sugary, fizzy drinks are now the food devil, fizzy coffee is the leading innovation taking the UK by storm. "This year we're seeing the emergence of a trend that originated in Italy," Lavazza's head of training Tiina Geraci says. "This carbonated drink sees coffee and sparkling water combine to create a fizzy caffeine fix like no other."

The recipe? It's simple - mix 30ml chilled espresso with 30ml sparkling water. It's best served over ice and sugar can be added to taste. "For those looking for a more complex finish, sparkling water can be replaced with tonic water," Geraci adds.

It's a favourite in Italy - but if fizzy coffee isn't your thing, there's always the Espresso Romano - espresso served with a slice of lemon.


"Rub the lemon slice around the rim of the espresso cup and place on top of the hot coffee," Geraci recommends. "The sourness of the lemon enhances the citrus notes in the coffee; particularly delicious when the coffee has inherent citrus notes."

With the popularity of the Paleo diet continuing to rise, the third trend to emerge in the UK is Bulletproof coffee or the 'fat black'. It's a smooth blend of coffee, butter and oil which is said to increase energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer. After the craze for Bulletproof swept through the US, London cafés are starting to stock the drink - but recent research suggests adding fat to coffee is a bad idea.

"There is no science that would back this up as a weight-loss tool," Dr Sally Norton, an NHS surgeon and leading UK weight-loss consultant, told the Telegraph. "The problem is we have a huge obesity epidemic where two thirds of us are overweight and one quarter obese. The more we try to lose weight, the worse it is getting. People are just desperate and don't know where else to turn."

Coffee and butter? Think we'll stick with a flat white, for now.

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