Taylor Swift Gives A Heartbroken Fan Break-Up Advice On Tumblr

Taylor Swift’s the best, isn’t she?

The ‘1989’ creator is well-known for showing her fans a lot of love, and now, via Tumblr, she’s reached out to one Swifty in need of a few kind words.

A user with the name ‘nevergooutofstyle’ shared a post about a recent break-up, ending with the words, “I don’t know what to do” and tagging Taylor.

The fan then got a surprise when Taylor penned a few lines of advice and sent a break-up playlist.

In the past, Taylor’s good deeds have included sending Christmas gifts to her fans, surprising one at her bridal shower and holding a fan-only album listening party at her New York apartment.

Earlier this week, Taylor attended the Grammy Awards in LA, where she won herself even more supporters with a stunning rebuttal to a reporter's inappropriate question.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift