12/02/2015 12:47 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chris Pratt And Anna Faris's Toddler Was Told To 'Shut Up' By Mickey Rourke On A Long Haul Flight


Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's son Jack has proven that even famous toddlers are likely to incite the wrath of fellow passengers on long haul flights.

When flying with a young child many parents worry that fellow passengers will be annoyed by the noise they make, and Anna, 38, says the situation is even more stressful when the 'fellow passenger' in question is retired boxer and star of The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke.

Anna and Jack's encounter with 62-year-old Mickey occurred when they were flying home after a trip to London to visit Chris, 35, who was on location filming Guardians of the Galaxy.

The mother and son were in their seats preparing for take off when Anna says Jack started 'vocalising'.

"Not screaming, not crying, just being adorable, I thought," Anna said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "But I'm also sweating, because now everyone is hating me around me."

Anna's concerns were well placed because it wasn't long before another passenger decided to do some 'vocalising' of his own.

"Across the aisle, I hear a SHHHHH!" explained Anna. "And I look over and it's Mickey Rourke."

"I was already so nervous before... and then to have Mickey Rourke confirm that didn't feel great!

"Then he started grumbling, like: You better shut that baby up!"

Fortunately, just as Jack and Mickey both like to 'vocalise', they also both like to nap, and before long both of them had fallen asleep.

Anna added that she learned later from a colleague, that "Mickey Rourke has a thing: He likes to shush babies."

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