Dating A Co-Worker: Does It Make Sense?

Dating A Co-Worker: Does It Make Sense?

Although many of us find the idea of being in a relationship with a co-worker unbearable, it's surprisingly common. (Cosmopolitan reports 40VIRTUAL-ArticleSidebar-dating%

"She's just such an incredible dancer that my imagination can go a little crazier than it can with somebody else," says Joshua.

The couple live together in New York City, and while they worked closely together on the one-off dance project, Sara explains how liberating it is to be in a relationship with a guy who works in the dance industry.


"He has his schedule, I have mine. We make time for each other," she says.

"It's life-changing to have your partner be outside of the company - it is very hard but it creates this burst of energy for me," Sara adds. "I feel I'm becoming the ballerina I want to be, so you make it work."

Dating a co-worker? Perhaps it isn't such a bad idea.

See more from Sara and Joshua in the video above and look out for more from the City Ballet series as the documentary's producer Sarah Jessica Parker explores life at the company each week.


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